gnucash business reports - displaying the customer number

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Aug 15 08:54:26 EDT 2005

Oh, that looks like a bug.  I think it's supposed to call
gnc:owner-get-owner-id again.  Thanks for the report.  I'll
fix this in CVS.


Chase James <chase.james at> writes:

> Hi. I'm trying to make the customer number appear on my invoices, but I 
> don't know enough about scheme to make it happen.
> I'm currently using the same method thats used to output the invoice 
> number, except "(set! owner (gnc:invoice-get-owner invoice))" is "(set! 
> owner-id (gnc:owner-get-owner-id owner))." I got 
> "gnc:owner-get-owner-id" from business-core.scm, and I'm assuming it 
> gets the owner id, which if the type is set to gnc-owner-customer, 
> should give me the customer number, right?
> When I run GnuCash the report get a report error and an "unbound 
> variable" error with "gnc:owner-get-id" in business-core.scm. I can't 
> seem to find where owner-get-id is defined in any of GnuCash's scheme 
> files...
> I don't know anything about scheme, really. I'm just sort of 
> manipulating whats already there to get desired output.
> Thanks for your help.
> Chase
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