Selecting Date Range to view

Brandon Kuczenski brandon at
Mon Aug 15 18:25:25 EDT 2005

On Mon, 15 Aug 2005, Derek Atkins wrote:

> Nope, you assume wrong.  Note that there are two reports labeled Transaction
> Report; the one in the Register Menu, and the one in the Main Menu.  I mean 
> the
> one in the Main Menu:
> <Menu> -> Reports -> Transaction Report
> -derek

Ah! So there is! That's bang-up what I wanted. I apologize for suggesting 
in haste that such a feature did not exist, when in fact it had already 
been thoroughly explored.  With the filters, it's even a substantial 
improvement on Quicken's offering (at least, the one from 7 years ago).

Well, thanks for pointing that out.

What do you think about just the 'bug' then:

> Quoting Brandon Kuczenski <brandon at>:
>> Plus, it still has the distracting, 
>> lifetime-accumulating "Balance" which I still believe doesn't make sense 
>> for an income or expense account when a date range is selected.
>> So, I guess the proposed 'bug report' would be to change the way 'balance' 
>> is calculated for income or expense accounts when a date range is selected.

It seems to me that selecting a limited date range should also limit the 
scope of the 'balance' calculated, because for 'income' and 'expense' 
account types [and ONLY for these types], what is really meant by 
'balance' is 'accumulation'.


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