Recovered account gets long file-name

Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Tue Aug 16 04:22:14 EDT 2005

On Monday 15 Aug 2005 22:38, Maf. King wrote:
> On Monday 15 Aug 2005 20:49, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > I must have damaged my last accounts save when I upgraded my distro
> > and copied the data across, and I had to open the previous version and
> > re-enter last few records - not a big problem.  However, the saved
> > file now has a
> > name
> > /path/businessname.20050612154751.xac.20050727163617.xac.2005081520432
> >7.xac
> >
> > I presume that this should not be so.  What do you recommend to tidy
> > it up?
> >
> > Anne
> Hi,
> How about File->Save As....
Both obvious suggestions.  The problem was that I assume that the numbers 
in the extension are timestamps, and I didn't know how to 'save as' with a 
recognisable timestamp.  Presumably if I do it the way Derek suggested I 
will be using a temporary file just long enough to do this, and the next 
save will put the genuine timestamp on it.

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