RFE: price editor should preserve last price even with "remove old"

Roland Roberts roland at astrofoto.org
Sun Aug 21 23:15:29 EDT 2005

First let me say, I love GnuCash.  Even my wife, an unregenerate Mac
user :-) loves GnuCash; she routinely goes through the rigamarole of
launching VNC from her Mac to connect to my Linux host to run GnuCash.

Now, about my request....  I have a handful of investments which do not
price on the open market.  I have a two of 529 plans for my kids which
don't have tickers that I can look up, and I have an variable annuity
from converting a whole life insurance policy several years ago.  I
periodically enter these prices by hand from statements.  So....

When I ask the price editor to remove old prices, it would be nice if
there was an option to not remove the most recent prices, or maybe just
a "remove all but most recent" selection.  Or even an option to exclude
prices which were entered by the user.  Any of those would suit my

Again, kudos for a great program, I'm a pretty happy user here.


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