custom expense and asset/liability report question

Karl Anderson kra at
Fri Dec 2 11:56:54 EST 2005

I'd like to be able to view a report of expenses that includes money
flowing into certain assets.  I want to be able to view what I'm
spending even though, in some cases, I'm not spending into an expense
"sink" but lowering a liability or increasing an asset.  The expense
reports will only tell me how much I'm putting into expense accounts.

I'm looking for a report that tells me how much cash I'm bleeding, and
to where.  I only want to include certain assets or liabilities.  For
example, I don't want to include investments to my non-401(k) stock
account, but I do want to include my mortgage principal payments.  I
also don't want to include credit card payments (since this is
expressed by the transactions that go from the card account to
various expense accounts).

As you can probably guess, I want to make two reports, "what am I
spending per period", and "what would I be spending per period be if I
lost my job?".  The second report wouldn't include certain expenses or
assets such as income tax and 401(k) contributions.

Is this possible through the UI?

Karl Anderson      kra at

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