custom expense and asset/liability report question

Beth Leonard beth at
Sun Dec 4 17:31:19 EST 2005

On Fri, Dec 02, 2005 at 08:46:33PM -0700, Mark Johnson wrote:
> If you wish to save the custom report be SURE to CHANGE the name in the 
> options.  There is a significant bug, which causes gnucash to crash if 
> you don't.  Once saved, it should appear in the custom reports menu item 
> the next time you start gnucash.

I'd add that you change the name by clicking on the options button
on the report and that you have to do that FIRST before clicking
on the "save report" button.  "Save Report" doesn't have any
dialog associated with it, it just saves your report options
(like the selected accounts and time period) to put in the "custom"
menu for use later.

> Karl Anderson wrote:
> >As you can probably guess, I want to make two reports, "what am I
> >spending per period", and "what would I be spending per period be if I

If you want to view those reports side-by-side, you can save
them as custom reports and then use the "Sample and Custom ->
Custom Multicolumn Report" to view them next to each other.

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