Importing QIF fails

Ron Pepper feffer777 at
Wed Dec 7 13:27:27 EST 2005

>From Beth:
I'm not a dev, but it smells like a UTF8 problem to me.  Gnucash
doesn't support UTF8 yet, so you have to run it in a non-UTF8 LOCALE.
For info on how to do that, see:


Using Beth's link, I was finally able to import my QIF. However, the data
was mangled. GC seemed to recognize the accounts reasonably well, but
transactions got mixed up and all the results were erroneous. My plan is to
go back to Quicken, duplicate my file and simplify the duplicate getting rid
of all non-current securities, accounts etc, and then to try the export and
import to GC again.

During the import, I had to review info about each security. Most of them
were OK as is, but some Accounts showed up as securities, I didn't know how
to handle this so I passed on to the next field. I'm sure something was
already mixed up at this point. Also some securities we own are proprietary
funds, like TIAA-CREF stock. As far as I know these aren't listed on any
exchange, is it OK to just manually type in TIAA-CREF?


>From Derek:
It looks like you've got some extra unicode characters in your
qif file that's causing the QIF Parser to Barf.  In particular
it means you don't match this regex when trying to parse the qif

(define qif-category-compiled-rexp
 (make-regexp "^
*(\\[)?([^]/\\|]*)(]?)(/?)([^\|]*)(\\|(\\[)?([^]/]*)(]?)(/?)(.*))? *$"))


In Quicken I had named some securities with a non-unicode starting character
to put them at the bottom of the list, I'll remove these securities since I
no longer own them.

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