Importing QIF fails

Dave Reiser dbreiser at
Wed Dec 7 13:48:12 EST 2005

Ron Pepper wrote:

> During the import, I had to review info about each security. Most of 
> them were OK as is, but some Accounts showed up as securities, I 
> didn't know how to handle this so I passed on to the next field. I'm 
> sure something was already mixed up at this point. Also some 
> securities we own are proprietary funds, like TIAA-CREF stock. As far 
> as I know these aren't listed on any exchange, is it OK to just 
> manually type in TIAA-CREF?
> Ron

I don't know how the Quicken-QIF-Gnucash path goes with securities, but 
Finance-Quote (the utility Gnucash uses to retrieve stock quotes) does 
retrieve quotes for the private pseudo-symbols used by the TIAA-CREF 
retirement funds. I've finally been able to track my wife's retirement 
totals and contributions with matches (and my new ones once I hit a 
year's service...).


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