Direct connection to bank in GNUcash 1.8.12?

Carl G. Ponder cponder at
Wed Dec 7 17:06:35 EST 2005

I'm interested automatically downloading transactions into GNUcash.
The latest information with 1.8.12 states

	o Online Banking/HBCI improvements: ... Setup wizard can now
	  works with HBCI, OFX-Connect, and other AqBanking backends;

Does this mean we can finally do it? The FAQ still states

	Q: My bank offers OFX Direct Connect. How do I use that?

	A: GnuCash uses libofx for OFX/QFX support, and libofx does not
	   support OFX Direct Connect at this time. However, there is a
	   python script available ...

which indicates that the facility has *not* been implemented. What's the
scoop? The 1.8.12 hasn't been compiled for RedHat yet, so I can't test it,
but I'd like to know...

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