Direct connection to bank in GNUcash 1.8.12?

David Reiser dbreiser at
Wed Dec 7 20:45:14 EST 2005

On Dec 7, 2005, at 5:06 PM, Carl G. Ponder wrote:

> I'm interested automatically downloading transactions into GNUcash.
> The latest information with 1.8.12 states
> 	o Online Banking/HBCI improvements: ... Setup wizard can now
> 	  works with HBCI, OFX-Connect, and other AqBanking backends;
> 	  ...
> Does this mean we can finally do it? The FAQ still states
> 	Q: My bank offers OFX Direct Connect. How do I use that?
> 	A: GnuCash uses libofx for OFX/QFX support, and libofx does not
> 	   support OFX Direct Connect at this time. However, there is a
> 	   python script available ...
> which indicates that the facility has *not* been implemented.  
> What's the
> scoop? The 1.8.12 hasn't been compiled for RedHat yet, so I can't  
> test it,
> but I'd like to know...

I don't think ofxdirectconnect will work in all cases. I don't have  
1.8.12 (1.8.11 is the latest available via fink on the Mac), but I  
have been playing with gnucash version 2 and aqbanking (the source of  
the ofxdirectconnect, which uses libofx for parsing). The setup  
wizard for direct connect still needs some work, but it is probably  
pretty close.

Since it seems to be the setup wizard (runs separately from gnucash  
in 1.8.12) is the sticking point, once 1.8.12 is available to you and  
the directconnect wizard gets tweaked, you should be able to combine  
the capability without waiting for gnucash 2.

I know that a couple people successfully added ofxdirectconnect to  
1.8.12, but it takes some manual tweaking of the aqbanking (used to  
be hcbi) data files.

David Reiser
dbreiser at

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