Gnucash and inventory

Andrew Sackville-West andrew at
Tue Dec 13 13:26:54 EST 2005

Marc Paré wrote:
> I have been using Gnucash for my business and have thus had no problems 
> using it. I now need to track inventory, is there anyway to do this with 
> Gnucash ... or any suggestions?

As Brian said, what kind of inventory, how large etc?

There are definitely ways to work around it. If you are simply dealing 
with the cash value of inventory on hand, that is easily tracked in an 
asset account. If you want to actually count widgets on hand and store 
that number, maybe there is a way to fudge it using stocks or exchange 
rates or something like that. For example, you could make up a stock for 
your widgets called "widget" (I know creative). Then when you purchase 
more widgets you can treat it like a stock purchase. When you sell 
widgets, (for more than you buy them I hope) then split the sales 
transaction with part of it going to reduce you inventory and part of it 
to income? I am only guessing here as I don't do anything like this in 
my books.

> Cheers
> Marc
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