Posting expense reimbursements

Phil Groschwitz ssc1478 at
Sat Dec 17 17:59:20 EST 2005

On Sat, 2005-12-17 at 10:00 -0500, Jeffrey B.Ferland wrote:
> Basically, I get a cell phone bill every month that is not mine, and  
> I pay it off using my credit card. Bill received, bill paid. I then  
> want to use the money I receive from my invoice to balance my  
> Expenses.Phone account so it looks like I didn't have the expense in  
> the first place... thereby balancing my credit card properly and also  
> not making it appear as if I'm spending money on a phone each month  
> when I check my expense reports.

I enter this type of transaction as a debit to a suspense account like

then when the actual reimbursement comes in, a debit to Assets:Cash and
a credit to Liabilities:Suspense:ReimbursableCellPhoneBill

If I never get the reimbursement, at some point I would have to expense

Disclaimer: I don't know if this is an accepted accounting practice.


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