Problems with QIF import for checking account - category matching seems horribly designed

Randy Burgess rburgess at
Thu Dec 29 06:07:07 EST 2005

> the QIF import process hasn't changed significantly in MANY major 
> versions
> of gnucash..

I don't know what you consider major. I know I used it when it was 
different, and that this was within the last year or two.

> You always have to match categories to accounts before the
> import.  And yes, the importer DOES handle split transactions just fine.

Not for me it doesn't. It wipes the split out. And in fact this is 
exactly what you'd expect, given the logic the wizard follows in mapping.

I hope someone else has a more helpful answer. My suspicion remains that 
in an attempt to automate the process yet further, the developers 
neglected to think things through.

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