Problems with QIF import for checking account - category matching seems horribly designed

Beth Leonard beth at
Thu Dec 29 17:04:54 EST 2005

On Thu, Dec 29, 2005 at 11:07:07AM +0000, Randy Burgess wrote:
> >the QIF import process hasn't changed significantly in MANY major 
> >versions
> >of gnucash..
> I don't know what you consider major. I know I used it when it was 
> different, and that this was within the last year or two.

Is it possible that your bank has changed it's QIF structure within
the last year?  Have you tried re-importing one of your old QIF
files to see if the old file works the way it used to?  (Do it on
a backup copy of your data, it will create duplicate transactions.)

At one point in time my credit card company started
adding store ID's to the transactions, so the import
of "Shell Oil" which matched "Expenses:Gasoline" by default (at
one point in the past I had to specify it manually) I now had
to specify by hand:
Shell Oil 20429880436 => Expenses:Gasoline and
Shell Oil 20429880725 => Expenses:Gasoline etc.

Once I had all the individual stations I visit regularly matched
again, the imports went smoothly again.  

If you wipe your files clean and start over once a year, then all
the work you've done in the past to match stores to Expense accounts
will need to be done again.  But this work only needs to be done

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