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Fri Dec 30 06:27:19 EST 2005

Thanks for the message. If I come into a lot of money I'll do an
Ubuntu/Shuttleworth  and make life easier for the project if they want.

Ofcourse I appreciate that Gnucash will never go onto another
proprietory system why should it! And I certainly didn't mean to offend
anyone! And furthermore, to put the thing together that does exist, is
obviously not some fairy tail exercise! and that it is as I said, the
results of some hard sluggers.

With regards my specific issues, as I say I'm emerging from a period of
deep sleep and it's taking a while to get the rust out of my cogs, and
your pointers might help me in that regard, but in any event I'm still
keeping a record and if I think it's of any use I'll post it in three
months. But as you are running your own 16 person/600K buiness on it it
obviously works, and my problems are obviously more to do with learning
curve stuff than anything else.

It would be of interest to me to see how the team is organised, is there
a group sort of merging of ideas, or is there a management structure,
and roughly how many developers and acounting advisers you have, and
whatever else, and how you end up with the volunteers, are they word of
mouth type people, or do they come from looking around for something to
do in their spare time and volunteer to get stuck in for a period of
time or a project, is there anyone you could steer me to in that, if you
yourself haven't an insight into it.

>From the general tennor of your message as I have been toying with the
idea of learning coding, it might be useful, to myself at least, and I
think actually, all in all, I'll try and get in gear there, even if it
is going to be a two or three year job. I'll try and do Scheme as a
starter, and if I have to learn something else in addition I'll follow
the trail.

Thanks again, you might see me on the mailing list in three months time,
you might not. Trouble is I don't have much stuff to work with at a real
level, as one of the reasons I had to stop work, was burn-out, (clinical
depression) and at the moment I'm unable to use the right hand side of
my brain or the left hand side, in detailed work, as opposed to broad
paintbrush stuff, and so can't really actually work in the work place,
if you get my drift, but hopefully I'll be able to nevertheless come to
some kind of idea as to how easy or otherwise it is to use for the
computer illiterate and make some useful contribution.

With regards apt-get I have got a load of stuff on apt-get and other
such like things of the web, but for one reason or other haven't had
much success with them. For instance at the moment I don't know how to
respond to points on e-mails, the way you do, by inserting comments in
the original e-mail. I have a lot to learn.

However as King Robert de Bruit of Scotland apparently learnt according
to legend whilst gazing up at the ceilng in a cave on the Island of
Arran,where I'm living at the moment, looking for something to pass the
time of day over, (much like me) and watching a spider trying to get
from point (a) to point (b), try and try again, especially if other
folks can do it, and you have an interest in doing it yourself.


Douglas Brydone 

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