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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Dec 30 11:38:51 EST 2005

"brydone at btinternet.com" <brydone at btinternet.com> writes:

> I also can't
>> get the "split" thing to work in the general ledger, it's a minor point
>> for me that the thing is called "split", it's not an accounting term, at
>> least not in Britain, and if you are aiming a bit higher than sole
>> trader stuff you need to make it sound like a professional accounting
>> system.
> I thionk split is a hang-over from intuit users? There are preferences 
> for how the registers appear Edit->Preferences-> ... and you can change 
> how the splits act. (that is, how they are displayed).

The GL is already in a full split mode, so yes, the "split" button
doesn't do anything because you're already in a state where it will
show all the splits in the transaction.

> You will offend some people by making comparisons to QUicken ;) . And I 
> can confidently say that gnucash will NEVER be available for microsoft. 
> 1) the developers are serious OSS guys and major linux gurus, 2) its a 
> massive project (I think like 250,000 lines of code?) and the port would 
> require serious money or serious man years of effort to get done, 3) the 
> developers are serious OSS guys ;) who use it personally and have no 
> motivation to switch to a proprietary OS. We've got some heavy hitters 
> on the project as well. After a while you'll start to see that these 
> guys are well emeshed in the OSS community.

Actually, this isn't quite true.  I would be very happy to see a port
of gnucash to Windows.  However, I have no interest in doing this
myself, and none of the current developers care to do it either.  Yet
if some future developer showed up and sent in patches to port GnuCash
to Windows and offered to maintain the port, I would gladly support
them in their efforts.

I've said before and I will repeat it again: I'll happily commit
portable patches that enable gnucash to build on Windows as well as
the existing platforms.

> In my experience, inventory control and management is probably the most 
> important issue for businesses that carry inventory. There are few other 
> things over which you have as much control OR as much exposure. I've 
> been in restaurants or small shops that can't pay their ongoing bills 
> but have literelly 10's of thousands tied up in inventory -- enough to 
> last them months, yet still are ordering from suppliers every week to 
> maintain that inventory... ymmv.

I'm sort of split over whether inventory control & management or
payroll is the more important subsystem.

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