Unbalanced balance sheet

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Feb 4 09:09:25 EST 2005

Mark Eackloff <meackloff at cox.net> writes:

> Gnucash 1.8 seemed to have unbalanced my balance sheet today by adding a 
> gain from the sale of stock to the remaining unsold shares.  This 
> occurred when I used the recording method indicated in the tutorial 
> under "Selling Stock."  Just to see what would happen, I reversed the 
> lines that recorded the gain.  In other words. I put the $122 gain in 
> the sell column, and the $122 increase in the stock's value in the buy 
> column.  I then reloaded the Balance Sheet report but nothing changed. 
> Truly bewildered, I recovered by deleting the entry, then recording the 
> sale as though I got what I paid for it (same price per share).  Then I 
> made another entry to adjust the money received and record the gain.  My 
> Balance sheet now balances, but the entry in the stock register still 
> erroneously shows that I sold the stock for what I paid.  Is this a 
> known bug?  I couldn't find it in bugzilla.

It may be a known bug in 1.8, but I don't care.  CVS HEAD has a
completely reworked balance sheet (and a bunch of other reports).
HEAD also deals differently with stock sales.  I don't want to put
lots of effort into trying to "fix" the 1.8 reports when that effort
will only be useful until the next major release.


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