Buying and selling stock

Timo Korvola tkorvola at
Wed Jul 6 16:58:17 EDT 2005

"Mark G. Woodruff" <markgwoodruff at> writes:
> I'm trying to enter transactions to buy and sell stock
> in a way that GnuCash keeps correct track of the
> capital gains.

Have you read Section 8.7, Selling Stocks in the manual?

> Assets:Stock

I assume you mean Assets:Stock:name - you need separate accounts for
each type of stock.

> 4. Sell stock with gain on sale at 1.10/sh
> Assets:Brokerage                 100
>   Assets:Stock -100 sh @ 1/sh          100

I think you should have 1.1/sh here if that is the price you are
getting.  The stock account is thus credited for 100 shares and $110
or whatever your currency is.  This will mess up your balance sheet
because $10 just appeared from nowhere.  This is fixed by transferring
$10 from Income:Capital Gains to the stock account (not to cash) without
changing the number of shares.  That way transactions on the stock
account result in zero balance in terms of both shares and currency.

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