Problems retrieving share prices

Leslie Katz lesliek at
Thu Feb 2 00:13:29 EST 2006

David Hampton wrote:

>You could try pulling these quotes from yahoo.  Try "dump-finance-quote
>yahoo_australia AGL" or "dump-finance-quote yahoo AGL.AX".
Hello, David.

Thank you for your suggestion. After trying it successfully, I edited 
all accounts to show Yahoo Australia as the source for price quotes and 
that seems to have fixed the problem.

May I ask a supplementary question though?

In order to test just a short time ago that my editing had worked, I 
pressed the "Get Quotes" button a number of times. That led to my having 
multiple entries for individual shares, all showing today's date. I see 
that the "Remove Old" button permits me to remove entries older than 
today. Can I set the date to tomorrow, so that all quotes disappear from 
the Price Editor window or will that delete all my laborious typing out 
of the commodities too?

Chris Leach wrote:

I had problems last December which I tracked to Finance::Quote::ASX. After fixing this myself I found that
Finance::Quote had been updated in a simular way. I just ran gnucash --add-price-quotes successfully. So I'd suggest pulling down the latest F::Q.

Hello, Chris.

Thank you for your suggestion. I assume I have the latest F::Q, having followed the instructions for installing it in section of the Gnucash Guide. In any event, the problem seems to have been resolved by switching my source.

Thanks again to Dale, David and Chris.

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