Advanced Portfolio report

Leslie Katz lesliek at
Mon Feb 6 14:13:22 EST 2006

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:

"if you save the report (using a custom name!!!!) then it is in ~/.gnucash/saved-reports-1.8 (?). If you are using a stock report, it is in (on my debian machine) /usr/share/gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report/"

Thanks for replying, Andrew.

I'm using v 1.8.11 with Fedora.

I'm afraid I'm not understanding something very basic here.

I opened my "Shares" file, then went to "Reports", "Assets & Liabilities", and clicked on "Advanced Portfolio". That put two tabs on the screen, "Accounts" and "Advanced Portfolio", and put the "Advanced Portfolio" view on top. I then clicked on "Options" and, under the "General" tab in "Options", I changed the report name to "Secrep", clicked on "Apply" and then "OK". I then clicked on "Save" and exited.

I then went looking for a file with "Secrep" in the name. Using the file search facility, I searched my entire computer (including hidden files) for such a file, but there wasn't one.

What basic thing have I failed to do?

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