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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Feb 6 14:33:54 EST 2006

Quoting Leslie Katz <lesliek at>:

> Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> "if you save the report (using a custom name!!!!) then it is in 
> ~/.gnucash/saved-reports-1.8 (?). If you are using a stock report, it 
> is in (on my debian machine) 
> /usr/share/gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report/"
> Thanks for replying, Andrew.
> I'm using v 1.8.11 with Fedora.
> I'm afraid I'm not understanding something very basic here.
> I opened my "Shares" file, then went to "Reports", "Assets & 
> Liabilities", and clicked on "Advanced Portfolio". That put two tabs 
> on the screen, "Accounts" and "Advanced Portfolio", and put the 
> "Advanced Portfolio" view on top. I then clicked on "Options" and, 
> under the "General" tab in "Options", I changed the report name to 
> "Secrep", clicked on "Apply" and then "OK". I then clicked on "Save" 
> and exited.
> I then went looking for a file with "Secrep" in the name. Using the 
> file search facility, I searched my entire computer (including hidden 
> files) for such a file, but there wasn't one.
> What basic thing have I failed to do?

Are you trying to Remember the report settings so you can re-run the
report with your custom settings, or are you trying to export the report
contents (as HTML) so you can send it or load it into firefox?

For the former you click the "save report" button /after changing the
default report name/...  If you dont change the report name before
clicking Save Report then gnucash will crash the next time you run it.
If you successful "Save report" it will show up in your Report -> Custom
menu next time you start gnucash.

For the latter, you click the Export button, and it will save the report
as an HTML file in whatever you name it in the file search dialog.

Also, if you just leave the report tab open when you exit gnucash then
that report will automatically re-run the next time you start gnucash.


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