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Leslie Katz lesliek at
Wed Feb 8 02:13:48 EST 2006

Mike Alexander wrote:

> --On February 7, 2006 12:02:40 PM +1100 Leslie Katz 
> <lesliek at> wrote:
>>> For the former you click the "save report" button /after changing the
>>> default report name/... If you dont change the report name before
>>> clicking Save Report then gnucash will crash the next time you run
>>> it. If you successful "Save report" it will show up in your Report
>>> -> Custom menu next time you start gnucash.
>> My new report, "Secrep", does now show up under "Custom". I also
>> find, under /home/leslie.gnucash, "saved-reports-1.8", as Andrew told
>> me I would. I'll now google "gnucash custom reports", as suggested by
>> Andrew.
> I think there are some bugs in version 1.8.x which cause it to not 
> save the custom report reliably when you click Save Report. It seems 
> that it is more likely to work if you update the report immediately 
> before clicking Save Report. If it does work, it will just append a 
> copy of the report definition to ~/.gnucash/saved-reports-1.8 so you 
> may end up with multiple definitions of the same report in the file. I 
> don't know if that matters, but I've edited the file to remove all but 
> the last one to be safe.
Thanks very much for taking the trouble to give me that information, 
Mike. Right now, the risk doesn't apply to me, since I've seen that I 
don't have the skill to edit the custom report I've created and have 
just gone back to using the supplied "Advanced Portfolio" account.

Thanks again,


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