Problems with Accounts Payable

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat Feb 18 14:19:39 EST 2006

Quoting Laurent Duperval <lduperval at>:

> 10 minute round-trip reply. Dude!

You caught me at a good time.

>> First, what version of gnucash?
>> More inline...
> 1.8.11

Ahh!  *needs to look at the changelog*..

>> Perhaps this is a rounding problem?  What are the dates you have
>> set up on the report?
> Yes, it's a rounding issue. The problem seems to be in bills where I 
> mark bills as having taxes included. But since it's only $0.11, it's  
> not a big deal.

This is a result of the reports computing values differently than the
Invoice Post mechanism.

>>> However, when I do a Balance Sheet or Account Summary for last 
>>> year, it says that my liabilities are way more than that.
>> Hmm....
> Yeah, that's what I said. My accountant is a litle more worried...

I'm wondering....

> I took a look at the AP account to see if anything was amiss. Most 
> transactions have a P or I type. However some have ? and they 
> correspond to Split Automatic Payment Forward. Could that be a 
> problem?   How do they appear?

They appear when you post a payment out of order, or overpay.  It's
the internal balancing system in the invoice post/process to make sure
that your payments are balanced.

> I also noticed that when I start GC, I get a popup saying I have 
> unpaid bills dating to 2004. This is something pretty recent. 
> Recently, I had to go back and remove "Accumulate splits" from bills 
> I had posted in the past, because they messed up some reports.

THIS could do it!  Unposting and then reposting could shift around
the payments.  Also, I know there was a bug with the Accumulate Splits
feature.    This bug was fixed on 2005-01-23 and should be in 1.8.11,
but posts from before that time could have been affected.

> Do I have  to do this for all my invoices? The way I decided to do 
> this was to use the transaction report to make sure everything ended 
> up with a grand total of 0 at the end of each month. This is what 
> currently happens.


> Is there any other way I can do this which might help me uncover this?


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