Compilation problem (solved) on 1.8.12 for Ubuntu/Debian systems

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Feb 20 18:57:05 EST 2006

Quoting Jordan Erickson <jerickson at>:

> checking for gtkhtml >= 1.1... yes
> checking for gtk_html_new in -lgtkhtml-1.1... no
> configure: error: Cannot link gtkhtml-1.1. See the README and 
> config.log for more info.
> ---
> ALL gtkhtml-dev packages were already installed. After a few hours of 
> scratching my head and apt-getting anything related to gtkhtml I dug 
> into config.log and then saw that ld was querying gtkhtml through 
> gconf (sorry if that sounds off, i'm not a programmer). So I 
> installed libgconf-dev (which in turn installed liboaf-dev), and 
> ./configure passed the check.
> Hope this helps some other people that might have the same problem, 
> as it's not incredibly obvious which dev packages are necessary to 
> compile sucessfully.

This sounds like a Debian/ubuntu packaging problem.  I suggest you
file a bug report with them to get the dependencies correct in their

> - Jordan


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