Automatic Quotes

Jack Lewin jacklewin at
Thu Feb 23 15:10:41 EST 2006

On Thu, 2006-02-23 at 11:33 -0800, Jack Lewin wrote:
>/ Thanks David for the reply,
/>/ After reading back several months, found this dialog box & have set it
/>/ up, now when I "Get Quotes" it's there, except it gives me the NYSE
/>/ stock name & price in US dollars - not the TSX stock name & price in Cdn
/>/ dollars - it seems stock companies use the same short form but for
/>/ different companies on different stock markets
/>/ How do I get quotes from just the TSX?
If you're using the Yahoo quote source you can probably just change the
stock symbols from XXX to XXX.TO.  This actually has nothing to do with
Gnucash (gnucash just passes the stock symbols to the quote source
unchanged) but is Yahoo Finance's way of determining which stock
exchange to use for quote retrieval.  If that doesn't work you'll need
to use the yahoo finance pages to determine the correct stock symbol.	


Thanks David, I'll head over to yahoo finance

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