Register colours in 1.9.1

Klaus Dahlke klaus.dahlke at
Thu Feb 23 16:50:08 EST 2006

Dear all,
I installed the most recent gnucash-1.9.1 on an amd64. My day--to-day account balance and personal expense tracking seems to work fine except for the database backend. I use do some postings between accounts, scheduled transactions, and get online quotes. I don't do online-banking with gnucash or use the business part.

In gnucash-1.8.12 I can freely define the colours of the register. In gnucash-1.9.1 it seems this option is gone. Register colours are just yellow and green (a kind of ugly to me) or based on a style sheet, just white.

Is there another place to assign the register colours or will it come back in gnucash-2.0?

Thanks and best regards,

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