QIF Files

Mark Johnson mrj001 at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 23 16:29:11 EST 2006

jack cowen wrote:

>I have not been able to access my MS Windows partition where I exported Qdata 
>(Quicken 2006) files.  From my D drive (Linux partition) I insert the C drive 
>path to the QIF folder, but cannot import the files to GnuCash.  I'm new to 
>Linux and want to convert entirely if possible.  Please help.  Thank you.  
>Jack Cowen aka jackcowen at charter.net   
Is there a particular error you get when you cannot import the files? 

One thing to note, Linux won't call it a C drive or a D drive.  Perhaps, 
it cannot find the files.  In this case, you have to make sure that the 
C drive is "mounted" somewhere within the unix directory tree (often a 
directory called something like /mnt is used, with a subdirectory for 
each different drive).  The path in Linux will therefore be different.


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