Debian packages of gnucash 1.9/2.0?

Derrick Hudson dman at
Fri Feb 24 22:13:12 EST 2006

On Wed, Feb 22, 2006 at 11:18:00AM -0500, Derek Atkins wrote:
| Derrick Hudson <dman at> writes:
| > I agree - knowing how builds work is helpful.  Still, it's handy if
| > the 'experimental' archive had a 'gnucash-1.9' package one could
| > trivially install alongside a working 1.8 and try it out.
| See, that's another issue...  Installing "along-side" can
| be... challenging.

Indeed.  :-)  Gnucash has a dense enough dependency graph that I can
imagine it will not be a trivial undertaking.

If it turns to not be feasible, then those who have important
financial data handled by gnucash won't be able to do any testing
unless they have a separate system (physical or just virutal).

I was only correcting the perception that a debian package shouldn't
be created until the software is declared stable.  The project
provides an official mechanism for testing radical changes in either
the software itself or in the packaging of the software.

| But talk to Thomas -- he's the debian maintainer.

A tangential note for debian users, you can determine who to contact
regarding packaging issues by looking at the packages metadata:
    $ aptitude show gnucash | fgrep Maintainer


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