Gnucash 1.8.9 +Suse 10.0

Art Fore art.fore at
Mon Feb 27 20:44:44 EST 2006

I realize the Invoicing features in gnucash leave a lot to be desired
and I have found work-arounds for most things, but I need to use it
or go back to windows which I do not want to do. I have two questions
maybe someone can answer.

I have some invoices already done and posted. Is there any way I can
copy these invoices and change the invoicing date and due date and
repost as a new invoice? I have a number of inoices that are the same
each month and it is a PITA to redo each invoice every month just for a
date change and I have found no way to copy them. Takes about 4 times
longer that Quicken Small Business in
Windows. (I average about 11 or 12 invoices a month)

Is there any way to add charge type categories to the pull down
selections? I need to add some horses names. Adding as a job does not
work as some customers have more than one horse and that would require
two invoices which is ridiculus. 


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