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Neil Williams linux at
Tue Feb 28 05:24:40 EST 2006

On Tuesday 28 February 2006 10:00 am, Dan Pescaru wrote:
> Now when i get my gnucash compiled i want to get involved in gnucash
> translation project.

All the help you need should be in:
in the source.

Any questions on those files should go to the gnucash-devel mailing list.

> First what mailing list should i contact and what persons (i think have to
> create the po file for my language)


> Seccond what program is the best to use (i use kbabel)

Any text editor is fine. I use vi or gedit. Others use emacs (it has a custom 
mode for po editing).

> Another thing that i want do is to make the chart of accounts for my
> accounting system and to put it into gnucash and i'll need assistance for
> this.

Start with one of the example account trees and modify that to meet your 


Neil Williams

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