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  Eric Beversluis <econophil at charter.net>,
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EB> Sorry--forgot to cc this to the list.
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EB> From: Eric Beversluis <econophil at charter.net>
EB> To: Derek Atkins <warlord at MIT.EDU>
EB> Subject: Re: blank register report
EB> Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 12:52:48 -0500
EB> On Tue, 2006-02-28 at 12:12 -0500, Derek Atkins wrote:
EB> > Well, there are options under your general preferences..  But
EB> > if all your accounts are in US and you're running in a US locale,
EB> > then it's not the issue.  Can you confirm this assumption, please?
EB> Yes to both: all in USD and running in US locale.
EB> > I'm afraid that without a test case there's very little I can do for you.
EB> I can try to set up another account and enter some fake data and see if
EB> the problem arises. But since it doesn't arise in any of my other
EB> existing accounts, I doubt if it will.
EB> > 
EB> > > Assuming the register is somehow corrupted: Would there be any way to
EB> > > export the transactions from this account, delete the account and its
EB> > > transactions, recreate the account and reimport all the transactions?
EB> > > Otherwise I'll just have to live without using this report--as your
EB> > > situation suggests, it's not a key report, since you don't ever use it.
EB> > 
EB> > It wouldn't be the register that's corrupted; it would be the account
EB> > and/org transactions. 
EB> Is there an underlying database of some sort where I could look to
EB> compare this account with the others and see if anything there is
EB> different?  What I see when  I go to the "Edit Account" dialog box is
EB> exactly the same for this account and for those that work right.
EB> >  Does gnucash print anything on the terminal when you run the report?
EB> ?I don't have a terminal open, just the GnuCash gui and Gnome. When I
EB> run GnuCash from the terminal it opens the same gui. When I run the
EB> report and go back to the terminal I see this:
EB> [ericb at 192 ericb]$ gnucash
EB> (0.0335s) [list] -*-helvetica-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-ISO8859-1 --> 40
EB> (0.0011s) [load] -*-helvetica-medium-r-*-*-12-*-*-*-*-*-ISO8859-1 -->
EB> 0x8174d88
EB> (0.1393s) [load] -*-helvetica-bold-r-*-*-15-*-*-*-*-*-ISO8859-1 -->
EB> 0x840f9d8
EB> When I close GnuCash there is nothing more added. Just returns me to my
EB> prompt.
EB> Since it's hardly prudent for me to send my financial records to a
EB> stranger, I think I'll just have to live with this problem unless I
EB> decide to reenter all the transactions in a new account.

Here is a totally random thought:

You could display the report on your screen, use gimp to grab a screen
shot, *then* use gimp to black out the areas of 'sensitive' information
(any actual financial information).  Something like using gimp airbrush
or some such tool to hide this information, leaving the generic display
items for one of the developers to look at and say 'Aha!, this is what
is wrong... (bug #1234567)', and you can then get a useful and detailed
set of instructions on how to fix the problem.  That is, you can create a
screen shot like the one at this URL:


This is a perfectly normal bank account register, but with the actual
transactions airbrushed over to hide the information itself. One can
still see how the window was formatted, etc., which is probably all that
the developers need to spot a problem.

EB> Thanks for your efforts.
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