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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Feb 28 14:40:16 EST 2006

Quoting Eric Beversluis <econophil at>:

> Derek:
>> Your data file is just an XML file.  You can open it in any editor.
>> (It may be gzip'ed, so you may need to gunzip it first).
>> It's more the contents of the register that would be important.
> Help me understand the various files gnucash creates. I think the .log
> files are clear enough. But there are all these .xac files (not as many
> as the .log files) and then the plain "Personals2006" file without any
> extension (just one of those and it doesn't seem to have been changed
> since Sunday).

This probably needs to be put into the FAQ, but:

.log == transaction log history -- changes you made to transactions
.xac == backup data file -- a copy of your data file made when you save.
<other> == your main data file.

> Thanks.
> Eric


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