Capital gains

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Jan 24 20:04:13 EST 2006

Quoting Eric Angell <eric at>:

> My previous proposal applied to this transaction would look like
> the following:
> A:Inv:AmMargin                              $2989.00
> E:InvExp:AmMargin                              $8.00
> A:Inv:AmMargin:BRKb    -1.00      $2997.00            $2997.00
> I:CapGain:AmMargin                                    $1509.88
> A:Inv:AmMargin:BRKb     0.00         $0.00  $1509.88
> At least in this case, the sale price of the asset is clearly
> indicated, even though it requires an additional disingenuous
> split to make it balance.  I don't really like either way.
> Derek, when you suggested using I:CapGains, how did you imagine
> the split fitting into the sell transaction?

This way...  You sold 1 share for $2997, paid a fee of $8 for a net
proceeds of $2989 (that went into your Margin Account)...  Then you
balance out the cap-gains with the $1509.88 split.

For the record, the SVN code should auto-insert the $1509.88 split-pairs
based on the purchase price of the lot used for this sale.  Note that
I say "should"..   I've not played with this code and it's probably not


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