Gnucash 1.9.7

Cam Ellison cam at
Thu Jun 8 14:39:10 EDT 2006

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Cam Ellison <cam at> writes:
>>One question: in the Vendor Report, new invoices are showing as 91+ 
>>days.  Might this be because I leave the "Accumulate splits" box checked?
> So, the 91+ days is based on the Due Date.. Can you check the invoice
> due dates?
> -derek

They are within 5 weeks of the posting date, and the date of the charge. 
  For example, my cell bill was sent on May 24.  I finally got around to 
posting it today.  The transaction shows May 24, the posting date is 
June 8, and the due date is June 15.  The invoice shows the total amount 
in the 91+ box.

I discovered something else.  I had "Accumulate Splits" enabled, and the 
   amounts that are supposed to be posted to Expenses did not post 
there, but to the Imbalance account.  When I unposted and reposted, with 
"Accumulate Splits" turned off, the invoice posted correctly.  This did 
not, however (and unfortunately) solve the aging problem.



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