Gnucash 1.9.7

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Jun 9 08:27:31 EDT 2006

Cam Ellison <cam at> writes:

> They are within 5 weeks of the posting date, and the date of the charge. 
>   For example, my cell bill was sent on May 24.  I finally got around to 
> posting it today.  The transaction shows May 24, the posting date is 
> June 8, and the due date is June 15.  The invoice shows the total amount 
> in the 91+ box.
> I discovered something else.  I had "Accumulate Splits" enabled, and the 
>    amounts that are supposed to be posted to Expenses did not post 
> there, but to the Imbalance account.  When I unposted and reposted, with 
> "Accumulate Splits" turned off, the invoice posted correctly.  This did 
> not, however (and unfortunately) solve the aging problem.

What version of GnuCash?  I know that there were some bugs with
posting invoices in some 1.8 versions with Accumulate Splits.  This
shouldn't be a problem in any 1.9 version, tho.  Unless you hit the
"rounding" bug, which WAS a bug in 1.9 but should be fixed in 1.9.7.

I'll take a look at the aging report when I get some time.

> Cam


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