Problem installing on CentOS4 (RHEL4)

Bill Nottingham notting at
Sun Jun 11 02:01:39 EDT 2006

Cynthia Kiser (cynthia.kiser at said: 
> I am having trouble installing some of the dependencies from the
> current list - I can't find slib
> - the link goes to file not found and I did not turn up anything on
> the site or via Google.
> So I skipped that and moved on. But I am having trouble compiling
> gnome-print and Guppi both complain about not being able to find
> xmlNewDoc in -lxml The standard advice for that seems to be install
> the devel packages. But I installed the RH bundles for gnome-desktop
> and gnome-software-development. My xml library seems to be libxml2 -
> and I do have libxml2-devel also. Suggestions? may be of use
to you. (This is the 1.8.x version, not the under-development 1.9.x


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