Automatic Bank Import

Chris Spencer gmane.20.evilspam at
Mon Jun 12 18:29:02 EDT 2006

Derek Atkins wrote:
 > Quoting Chris Spencer <gmane.20.evilspam at>:
 >> Derek Atkins wrote:
 >>> GnuCash does not have a csv importer.  However you could convert
 >>> your CSV to QIF and then use the QIF importer..  All the importers
 >>> will learn to match Payee, Description, or Memo strings to the
 >>> target income/expense accounts.
 >> How forgiving is the importer? If I import QIF files with overlapping
 >> entries, will it ignore the duplicates?
 > I'm not sure what you mean by this.  If you have multiple QIF files that
 > contain the same transaction, then yes, the importer will (usually)
 > recognize that you have both sides of the same transaction and treat
 > it as a duplicate.

Yeah, that's basically what I mean.

 >> Also, is there a scripting or command line interface to the QIF
 >> importer? I'd like to write a Python script that downloads the CSV,
 >> converts to QIF, then imports to Gnucash, without any interaction 
from me.
 > Nope, the importer requires the UI.  There are lots of ambiguities, so
 > you need to interact with the importer to tell it how to resolve that.

That's unfortunate. Without some ability to automate the mundane 
information entry aspect, Gnucash is going to be far more trouble than 
it's worth. However, thanks for answering my questions.


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