Automatic Bank Import

Chris Spencer gmane.20.evilspam at
Mon Jun 12 19:57:56 EDT 2006

Elizabeth Dodd wrote:
> On Tuesday 13 June 2006 08:29, Chris Spencer wrote:
>> That's unfortunate. Without some ability to automate the mundane
>> information entry aspect, Gnucash is going to be far more trouble than
>> it's worth. However, thanks for answering my questions.
> Do you mean transferring old account information or entering new?

Mostly the later. Manually retrieving a file of all my credit/debit 
transactions on a daily/weekly/monthly basis shouldn't be necessary. 
Granted, syncing with the myriad banking websites is no trivial task, 
even if they do allow you to export your data.

> Back to original email, Gnucash will quickly learn that <supermarket_name> 
> belongs to Expenses:Groceries and <fuel_station> belongs to Expenses:Fuel. 
> You'll tell it once only, and changes will only be needed when you take out 
> cash with the groceries or buy milk and bread at the fuel stop.

That's good to know. How is the learning implemented? Is it like a 
Bayesian spam filter, that assigns probabilities to word combinations?


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