associating transactions from 2 imported accounts

Brendan Simon Brendan at
Fri Jun 16 07:53:39 EDT 2006


I have downloaded to qif files from my bank and imported them into 
gnucash 1.8.10.  Some transactions are between the two accounts (eg. 
transfer $100 from savings account to cheque account).  Obviously 
gnucash does not associate them because it does not have enough 
knowledge during the import, so one account has a transfer to the 
"unspecified" account, and the other account has transfer from 
"unspecified" account.

If I enter Split Mode and edit the Unspecified account in one entry to 
cheque and the associated entry to saving, then I end up with duplicate 
transactions in each account.  How can I associate two seemingly 
independent transactions to one transaction to/from the appropriate 

The other related thing is that I want the description in the savings 
account to say:
    "transfer to cheque account"
and the description in the cheque account to say:
    "transfer from savings account"

Is that possible??


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