More on gnucash on Intel Mac

Jed Diem jed at
Sat Jun 17 15:19:26 EDT 2006

I downloaded the 1.9.7 sources and checked the dependencies;  most, if 
not all, seemed to be satisfied with binary fink downloads.  For some it 
was not all together clear.  I can provide details. 

One which I was sure would be satisfied was one for guile 1.6 which is 
installed (with development package) on the system.   But ./configure 
aborts with the following message:

"checking for guile - 1.6.0 <= version < 99.99.99... no:
configure: WARNING: guile version check failed
configure: error:

  guile does not appear to be installed correctly, or is not in the
  correct version range.  Perhaps you have not installed the guile
  development packages?  Gnucash requires at least version 1.6 to build."

Since guile (1.6) was in /sw/bin as guile-1.6, I renamed (moved) it to 
guile.  Same error message from ./configure.

I tried running guile1.6-build in /sw/bin but that did not solve the 
problem.  None of the variable values were exported.


--jed diem

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