Trouble compiling 1.8.9 Mac OS X Intel

David Hampton hampton-gnucash at
Fri Jun 16 17:44:22 EDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-06-16 at 14:01 -0700, David T. wrote:
> Working from the directions online, I have tried to compile GnuCash 1.8.9 on a
> new Macbook Pro Intel running OS X 10.4.6 (Darwin 8.6.1). Using Fink, I
> installed the various dependencies mentioned on the Software Dependencies page.
> I have gotten as far as gettext, when the configure script craps out. As you
> can see from the output below, gettext is there, so what do I do now? What is
> "lintl"? The help output makes no mention of this option...

Do you have the intltool package?


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