More on gnucash on Intel Mac

Kevin Foss kfoss at
Sat Jun 17 20:18:37 EDT 2006

On Jun 17, 2006, at 5:14 PM, David Hampton wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-06-17 at 16:59 -0400, Kevin Foss wrote:
>> Let us know if you get it working.  I have gotten 1.9.x to compile
>> just fine for Mac OS X/Intel, but it always crashes when I actually
>> open a register -- usually a problem with gnomecanvas.  Admittedly I
>> haven't tried since fink 8.1 was released for intel a couple days  
>> ago.
> Please let us know the results when/if you update and try again.

Tried it again as I had started working on this once I realized a new  
fink had been released -- removed any installations of gnucash,  
updated everything with fink and tried a fresh tarball of 1.9.7.

Compiles fine (when I export the proper environment settings  
according to the wiki) -- starts up fine.  But when I open an account  
register it crashes.  I can provide the complete CrashReporter dump  
if it would be useful, but basically it trips a EXC_BAD_ACCESS  
exception with the code KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE when it calls  
uta_union_clip() in libgnomecanvas-2.0.dylib

I would guess it is a problem specific to the gnomecanvas library (or  
one of the other libraries) on Intel Macs, but I don't really know  
how to isolate the bug to report it.


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