associating transactions from 2 imported accounts

Brendan Simon Brendan at
Sat Jun 17 22:49:55 EDT 2006

Thanks Derek, I will try that next time.

Besides Quicken, my bank (ANZ in Australia) also supports the following 
account download formats:
     Microsoft Money
     MYOB [1]
     CVS text file
     Phoenix Gateway [2]

     [1] MYOB versions must be at least: Accounting 12.0, Accounting 
Plus 12.0 or Premier 6.0

     [2] AG data Australia software versions must be Phoenix Gateway or 

Are any of those better than Quicken for importing into GnuCash?

Does anyone know if ANZ or other Australian Banks support automatic 
download into GnuCash?


Derek Atkins wrote:
> Import both qif files at once.  If there is enough information in the
> QIF File (note that there may NOT be) then it will determine that they
> are the same transaction.
> Also, during the QIF import you should specify the actual account.
> Don't leave it as "Unspecified".  Click on that and choose the
> real account -- and then the duplicate matcher might actually find
> the other transaction..
> In the end, QIF just doesn't really have enough information to do it
> all the time.  Sometimes you may need to hand-massage the QIF before
> you import it.  For example, from my NetBank accounts I need to
> hand-massage the QIF in order to get transfers between my Checking
> and Money Market to work properly.
> Good Luck,
> -derek
> Quoting Brendan Simon <Brendan at>:
>> Hi,
>> I have downloaded to qif files from my bank and imported them into
>> gnucash 1.8.10.  Some transactions are between the two accounts (eg.
>> transfer $100 from savings account to cheque account).  Obviously
>> gnucash does not associate them because it does not have enough
>> knowledge during the import, so one account has a transfer to the
>> "unspecified" account, and the other account has transfer from
>> "unspecified" account.
>> If I enter Split Mode and edit the Unspecified account in one entry to
>> cheque and the associated entry to saving, then I end up with duplicate
>> transactions in each account.  How can I associate two seemingly
>> independent transactions to one transaction to/from the appropriate
>> accounts?
>> The other related thing is that I want the description in the savings
>> account to say:
>>    "transfer to cheque account"
>> and the description in the cheque account to say:
>>    "transfer from savings account"
>> Is that possible??
>> Thanks,
>> Brendan.
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