gnucash on Intel Macs again

Jed Diem jed at
Sun Jun 18 08:49:39 EDT 2006


Here's the output of guile-1.6-config --version:

guile-1.6-config - Guile version 1.6.7

and the output of guile-1.6-config info:

buildstamp = Thu Jun 15 16:16:19 CDT 2006
LIBS =   -lm
libguileinterface = 15:0:3
guileversion = 1.6.7
pkgincludedir = /sw/include/guile
pkglibdir = /sw/lib/guile
pkgdatadir = /sw/share/guile
includedir = /sw/include
mandir = /sw/man
infodir = /sw/share/info
libdir = /sw/lib
localstatedir = /sw/var
sharedstatedir = /sw/com
sysconfdir = /sw/etc
datadir = /sw/share
libexecdir = /sw/libexec
sbindir = /sw/sbin
bindir = /sw/bin
exec_prefix = /sw
prefix = /sw
top_srcdir = /sw/src/
srcdir = /sw/src/

Note: there is no guile-config; that was removed when I removed the 
guile packages with fink.  They were all associated with guile 1.4.  Now 
the guile installed is 1.6 but it looks like all the files are 
guile-1.6* not guile*.

David and Derek,   I do have guile16-dev from fink installed.

Somehow I think the problem is that the guile 1.6 files have names like 
guile-1.6*  and not just guile*.   I suppose that I could chase them 
down and either rename them of make symbolic links.  I'm reluctant to 
try that since I doing this on a production box that I don't want to 
mess up.  Somehow there must be way to install guile-1.6 and the related 
dev files as guile files.


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