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> Quoting KSGROI3 at
> > Thanks for the response, Derek.
> > Forgive my ignorance, but what is intltool - I see an intl directory
> intltool is a package to create 'intl' stuff..  (sorry for being
> vague -- I don't know exactly what it does).  intltool has a program
> called intltoolize which the SVN code requires to add intltool
> support into the code.  You need intltoolize when building from SVN.
> If you build from the tarball then intltoolize has already been
> run, so you only need access to libintl (-lintl).
> > listed with the GNUCash files.  I'm just venting here, but why is it so
> > difficult to get this app. installed - I'm about ready to give up on it
> > after many hours of trying on SuSE 9.1 and Solaris with no luck.
> On SuSE 9.1 -- just install the RPM.  SuSE ships with gnucash.  Use it.
> As for why it's so difficult, GnuCash is a complex application!  Do you
> try to build Firefox or OpenOffice yourself?  GnuCash isn't QUITE that
> complicated, but for naive, novice users it might as well be.  (FTR
> I tried building OpenOffice once without success).
> The problem isn't building GnuCash -- the problem is making sure you
> have all the depencies.  The GnuCash team decided long ago that we would
> leave it up to the package maintainers to make sure the dependencies
> were available for your system.   In other words, they decided that
> your pointy hat had to be pretty darn tall in order to build GnuCash
> yourself from source.
> > Somebody should write an install utility for this thing - all I see are
> > the source files, which I can't compile without a C compiler, but then
> > when I download a c compiler (such as gcc), it is also only available as
> > source files that need to be compiled (chicken and egg scenario). I have
> > a c compiler on Solaris, but then it bombs out with the Parser error!
> Welcome to Solaris.  You would have this same problem with ANY program.
> I *HIGHLY* recommend you take a system administration course or ask your
> local sysadmin for help.  The lack of a compiler is /NOT/ our problem,
> and frankly none of the developers have any interest in building pre-built
> packages.
> Solaris in particular is an interesting problem -- there is no standard
> "gnome" distribution for Solaris..   So building and distributing binaries
> for Solaris would necessarily involved shipping all of gnome.  I.e.,
> 200-500MB distributions.    No way are we gonna do that.
> So, I'm sorry you're having such a hard time.  But if you can't even get
> a compiler working, well, there's very little anyone on this list can
> do to help you.
> As for the Parser problem, like I said, that's a perl module that you
> need to install.  Again, that's not distributed by GnuCash -- it's not
> our code.. It's just a dependency.
> So, I'll say again for the record:  Compiling GnuCash on Solaris is HARD.
> It takes a LOT of work..  But it /can/ be done if you have all the
> dependencies.  But it is not for the faint at hard.  You've gotta have
> a pointy hat and it's gotta be pretty tall...   So I would suggest asking
> for help from your local Solaris group.
> Good Luck, and Happy Holidays,
> -derek

Kevin Sgroi
Programmer/Network Engineer

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