Discover Card Import

David L idht4n at
Mon Jun 19 01:23:08 EDT 2006

> > is a file that says 'Client application or version is not supported by
> > this server.' (and some other error verbiage)
>Ah. That reminds me that I may have tweaked my (but remember
>that I don't have a DiscoverCard, so I'm guessing).
>In about 20 lines after the last site listing, there are a
>three lines, which in my copy say:
>          if not config.has_key("appid"):
>              config["appid"] = "Money"
>              config["appver"] = "0900"
That got rid of the "Client application or version is not supported by
this server error" for me.  But I have no recent transactions on my
Discover card, so I can't tell if it's completely happy or not, but at
least now it does something different when I enter the right password.
Before it gave my the unsupported version no matter what I entered.
Now I get a 778 byte file with no obvious errors.


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