Notes on Intel Mac Attempts

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Jun 22 15:55:48 EDT 2006


Quoting "David T." <sunfish62 at>:

> Overview:
> Intel Mac OS X, Darwin 8.6.1 (OS X v 10.4.6)
> GnuCash 1.9.8 from source taken yesterday via subversion
> g-wrap-1.9.6
> Okay, so I've taken some time to follow the suggestions offered here 
> to try and
> get GnuCash to run on an Intel Mac OS X. I am now trying to compile using
> GnuCash-1.9.8, but it's not working yet. The problem lies in something called
> libffi, which according to the configure in g-wrap-1.9.6 "has not been ported
> to i686-apple-darwin8.6.1"

Is there not a pre-build (fink or darwinports) g-wrap available?

> libffi leads (via Gogle) to GCC, where it appears in reference to GCC 3.x but
> not with 4.x. I note that the wiki mentions GCC4 incompatibilities 
> with regard
> to g-wrap-1.3.4; however, g-wrap-1.9.6 does not compile under either version
> for me.
> So my question now is, where do I go to find out about getting a functional
> libffi? Or is there some way to install GnuCash without libffi?

GnuCash doesn't depend on libffi, but apparently g-wrap does.  Unfortunately
g-wrap isn't our package, and the maintainer has been pretty unresponsive.
For what it's worth, I've had libffi problems on Solaris....

If you want to get past the g-wrap issues you could back up to g-wrap 1.3.4
and then configure gnucash with --disable-error-on-warning.  It's not
recommended, because it could hide other warnings/errors during the build,
but it might help you move forward.

> TIA,
> David


PS: This discussion really should move over to -devel at this point, as
it really is a development discussion, not a user question.
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