Notes on Intel Mac Attempts

David T. sunfish62 at
Thu Jun 22 15:37:27 EDT 2006

Intel Mac OS X, Darwin 8.6.1 (OS X v 10.4.6)
GnuCash 1.9.8 from source taken yesterday via subversion

Okay, so I've taken some time to follow the suggestions offered here to try and
get GnuCash to run on an Intel Mac OS X. I am now trying to compile using
GnuCash-1.9.8, but it's not working yet. The problem lies in something called
libffi, which according to the configure in g-wrap-1.9.6 "has not been ported
to i686-apple-darwin8.6.1"

libffi leads (via Gogle) to GCC, where it appears in reference to GCC 3.x but
not with 4.x. I note that the wiki mentions GCC4 incompatibilities with regard
to g-wrap-1.3.4; however, g-wrap-1.9.6 does not compile under either version
for me.

So my question now is, where do I go to find out about getting a functional
libffi? Or is there some way to install GnuCash without libffi?


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