The Latest trouble

Katipo katipo at
Wed Jun 21 02:39:13 EDT 2006

David T. wrote:

>Thanks for a well-deserved slap in the face. (Honest).
>I reacted badly, and I apologize for that. To you, to Derek, and to all the
I wouldn't worry too much.
Making a mistake is an aspect of being human.
Not being able to learn from it is the stupid thing.
You don't appear to have that problem.

> I tend to do that when I believe I am being dismissed or
Nobody likes that.

> which is how Derek's message felt.
If you have a close look at it, it's terse, yes, but only because it's 
an illustration of how little time he has.

>Obviously, I have gotten in over my head, since I don't seem to understand all
>the ins and outs that all of you do.
Slowly, slowly, catchee Linux.

> I appreciate the changes on the wiki page,
>and hope they help others.
>I note that Darwin is built on BSD, and wonder if that might help in
>determining the kinds of changes that need to be made in the dependency
>packages (is that the right term?) to enable it run.
>And yeah, my way sure is a long way round...
Sometimes the best.
Shortcuts somehow seem to go on for ever.

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