Check and Repair adds Orphaned Gains

Robert Ramsdell rcriii at
Fri Jun 23 08:27:41 EDT 2006

I just successfully compiled 1.9.8 (svn r14412) on my Ubuntu Dapper
system (The wiki page for compiling on Breezy was great help, I only had
to add a few other packages).  So thanks everyone for that.

On a lark I tried the Check and Repair function.  All looked well except
that it created a new account called "Orphaned-Gains-USD", with a very
large balance.  In that account are realized gains transactions for a
large number of stock and mutual fund sales.  The problem is, I already
had realized gain/loss transactions for many of those sales (I've found
a few that I didn't do this for), the few of which I've checked match
exactly the sums of the new transactions. An Example:

Date	Description(Transfer)	Shares	Price	Buy	Sell	Balance
10/24	open(equity:cost basis)	133	20.11	2675		133
6/6	sale (Split)		-133	8.05		1071	0
6/6	(Inc:real:stock)				1604	0
6/6	(Orphaned Gains-USD)				1604	0
^^^ This last added by Check and Repair			^^^^

Is this a Check and repair bug?

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